Sometimes......when you work really hard at something, but your enjoyment level is "over the top", people think that all you do is play all day. Well, I am ok with that, because quite truthfully I think the world needs a lot more "play", every day. I spent the majority of the last couple of days getting ready for a retirement party that we were hosting here at the house for Bob's boss, Mike. While I enjoy my garden on a daily basis, it doesn't always wear it's fancy dress every day so we had a little bit of primping and pruning to do to get it ready for 40 peoples attention. What I didn't know....was that I was also getting it ready for a surprise of my own. About 15 minutes into the party I looked outside from the kitchen to see this adorable little dog running around in the back yard. As the happy companion to a Boston Terrier, Chopper, I was surprised to see another, slightly smaller one running alongside him. I leaned over to whoever was standing next to me and said "wow, that looks an awful lot like Clara, Sara's dog doesn't it?" The next thing I remember I was outside putting some things on the serving table when I turned around and out the door came a friend of ours with SARA'S BIG DOG HENRY ON A LEASH!!! That is when I just kinda blurred out for a few. I don't know if I would have remembered it all to this moment if I hadn't just reviewed the video that Sara took as I ran out the front door to see if it could possibly be true, WERE MY KIDS REALLY HERE????? IN FALLON??? I may not be blogging for awhile, I have some playing to do :} See you soon, Susan