Camp Garden Week #1

I have to admit, my favorite part about Camp Garden this year is going to be ~ MY KIDS ARE HERE! With Sara, Cash and Carson along for the ride, we jumped on the Camp Garden wagon this last week and started out with a bang. Usually we have about 20 or so for the first week, but this year we started with 36 children and their adult helpers. Miss Donna led off with a couple wonderful stories, then it was on to cupcakes and our traditional "Make a Visor" that we do for the first weeks craft project. For my part of camp this week I got to plant some wildflower seeds with the kids in little peat pots that we will hopefully get in the ground in a week or two when they sprout. I love this program, and it isn't just because the sound of laughter and chaos ~ it is watching the Moms~Dads~Grands make new acquaintances, or rekindle old ones. But like I said, the BEST part this year......MY KIDS ARE HERE! 
Kandice listens as attentively as Cash 

My girl Sara, with my second grand, Carson 

This years Camp Garden Crew, Madi ~ Miss Donna ~ Kandice