11th Annual Fallon Garden Tour

A few views of the 11th Annual Fallon Garden Tour. Thank you so much to all the homeowners that graciously opened their gardens to visitors. If you missed this years tour, enjoy the photos below, and let us know if you have any questions on the plantings, we will try and identify them for you. For all of you that did make it to the tour, thank you! Your ticket purchase went 100% to the Fallon Youth Club and we presented the check to their director, Shannon, yesterday out in the rose garden.

Lori and Jim Souba's home is made for entertaing and relaxing. From the soft scent of the roses as you head up the front walk, to the meanding path around the shade filled back yard you will enjoy the peacefulness. The beautifully manicured shrubs and tall mature trees let you sink into the area and relax.

 Judy and Alex Scherr's home on Alcorn is filled ~ and I mean filled ~ with little surprises. Over 50 birdhouses, all built by hand by Alex, are tucked in between the trees and you find yourself on a trreasure hunt trying to find them all. In between the search though you will find a beautiful and bountiful vegetable garden, worm bins, and a weeping cheery tree like no other I have seen in Fallon (I will be back in the Spring to see it when it is in full bloom!). They have filled their acre with trees of most every variety I have seen in our valley, and the perennial beds are just plain lovely. Alex even made a special birdhouse just to raffle off for the tour. Watch the blog for the announcement of the winner!

 As you stroll up Annie and Scott Lougheed's front walk you are first taken with the structure and the look of the beautiful curving rock wall that Annie designed. It is when you go around the curve though that you are greeted with this beautiful pond. The soothing sound of water splashing, the koi rising up to greet you, the soft scent of the perennials and roses that surround it. A beautiful little oasis in the desert.

 look close.....closer.........closer....there is a strikingly beautiful yellow koi peeking up at you....

Doris and John Powell's garden is filled with little treasures. The herb garden that is tucked in the back is just one of them. Built by John, it is the perfect size for all of Doris's culinary needs. This garden is all about entertaining and relaxing and I wish that you could sit on the bench as I did at sunset and enjoy it.

This next garden is the work of Charlie and Summer Shuey. I call theirs "HGTV meets Pinterest". They built their own home in 2006, and then got started on the outside area. I loved the way they used many differant textures and colors to achieve their look. So many places to relax and unwind and still very functional.

 Norm and Sue Frey's ranch is another home that was made for entertaining and relaxing. As you wander up the walkway it won’t matter if you go right or left, everywhere you look will be the peaceful view of roses, perennials and greenery. Sue and Norm have created an area that is not only great for the many parties and events they have, but is also perfect for their increasing family. The home is directly on the river and make sure that you take the time to sit in the lower yard and gaze down towards the water and relax in the shade of this truly beautiful setting.

 Scott and Lisa Swan's garden is about outdoor living in meaningful spaces. In its entirety, with the help of beautiful mature crabapple trees, lush green lawns, and winding climbers like Wisteria, Boston Ivy, Virginia Creeper, Honeysuckle and gorgeous Clematis (Not to mention splashing fountains that aren't to be missed) this garden creates a sense of cool in the heat.