Garden Girls ~ Michelle's

Here are a few views from the evening we gathered at Michelle's house. An artist of more venues than one, she has filled her small city lot with treasures at every turn. Do you look at the plants ~ do you look for the sculptures ~ do you turn your head hoping to find a juxtaposition of wildlife and still-life ~ quit thinking so much my head says, and just enjoy the view. There is a lot going on in this tiny little lot in the city, and every bit is filled with inspiration, creativity and joy. Kind of like that I think of it. Enjoy the views, we did.
sweet, sweet smelling phlox

Michelle's  Mom, Marion. Still gardening, always smiling.  

Yes, those are nuts on that almond tree.....a banner year for fruit in Fallon.
 Jaime ~ contemplating an herb for her classes coming up in July........
 The chickencoup spacious condo that Michelle built out of reclaimed and re-purposed lumber and treasures. This was one of her first big projects to be completed after her "retirement" from the nursery.
  A few years back Michelle and I spent some time on the shores of Lake Michigan while in Chicago. She was already aquiring pieces for an art project that would transform her driveway into a mosaic made of old bricks. Found this one a few feet out in Lake Michigan.
 and this one at a little patio bar in downtown Chicago that was being re-furbished.....sorry folks if you are missing one....she made me do it......
this one came from Mr. Cooper , it's a City of Fallon Water Works cover
 the manhole cover will have to get that story direct from Michelle, I promised not to tell
 but tell she did.........

 perrennial sweet peas......she has gathered these in pots for all of us to have in our own garden this year
 one of her newest herb circle

 Michelle's first sculpture.......he guards her garden

 The sun sets, the evening is warm .....and beautiful

 Next up for Garden Girls ~ Sooz's