Blues & Brews 2013

Saturday evening could not have been more perfect. The sunset, music, and one of the best gatherings of like minded blues-loving people made for a spectacular evening. Thank you one and all for making this last concert of ours so special.  The icing on the cake was a surprise visit from Melissa from Susanville.  She has been my mentor as a fellow garden center owner and one of my biggest sources of encouragement these last 12 years. It was an evening I will remember always with a smile. As for the big announcement of the night, the new owner of The Flower Tree joined Michelle and I on stage. Just in case you missed it.....scroll down to the bottom and see who it is.

 Blue Haven ROCKED IT!!!!! For the 10th year in a row
Once again Michelle created an awesome original watercolor for our posters. 
Mel surprises me at the gate 
Brooklen took all of these beautiful photos. FIRST time she has every used a camera like mine, I think she may have a new career and passion.  

 and the new owner is.......Mike Bailey, owner of Green Team here in Fallon, the grower and supplier of Northern Nevada's tomatoes these last 12 years. Watch for him to not only carry on the traditions of The Flower Tree, but to expand on his growing selections.