Questioning Change

There have been numerous questions coming into the nursery about the new owners and the changes that may or not be happening over the next few weeks. I am going to try and answer a few of them here.

Will my unused gift card still be good?
Yes, your gift card will not expire with the change in ownership. However, they will expire on November 1, 2014. So if you have one in your wallet, if you have given one as a gift, make yourself a mental reminder to get it out and use it up sometime during the next year.

Will they still carry my favorite products?
YES, they will still carry all the products you know and love. How do I know this? Because I am still doing all the ordering for next season! Sooz and I leave for the trade show in early October to pick out all our best sellers as well as actually look for some new favorites. Of course there will be Lawn Restore, and they also want me to expand on the DR. EARTH line! So rest assured, if we have carried it during the last year or two, you will see it again next season.

Why does it look so empty around here?
Many that have visited the garden center over the last few weeks seem real concerned that it is starting to look really empty around the nursery. We ALWAYS sell down our plant stock this time of year. For those new to our nursery, I have always felt that it is better to find new gardens for the plants and trees than have them sit in pots and possibly freeze out over the winter months. We are discounting a little bit earlier this year though, and that is a great benefit for you! All plant stock from this season is now at 40% off, and will stay at that level through the next month. New and special orders are at 20% off.

Also, we are selling down ALL the outdoor bagged product so it doesn't have to be tarped and protected through the winter. A complete NEW SHIPMENT of all your favorites, including all the Gardner and Bloome products like Harvest Supreme and Soil Building Compost, have already been ordered and will arrive in January of 2014.  (BIG BUY 3, GET 1 FREE ON ALL OUTDOOR BAGGED PRODUCT Sale starts October 1st )

The "Green Room" where we keep all of our everyday gardening products will also start to be reduced in price to help clear out product, making way for all NEW items to arrive in December. I don't know anyone that doesn't like to re-do their new home, and the new owners are no exception. Look for some real positive changes to take place over the next few months.

Will the Gift Shop still be there?
YES! The gift shop will continue to carry your favorites like Salt City Candles, Naked Bee, upscale gardening accouterments, tools and local products like Churchill Vineyards wines. Holiday merchandise has already started arriving and during the transition period between October 24 and November 1st, the nursery will be closed for inventory and more important, for Lucia to get into the gift shop and work her design and merchandising wizardry on the gift shop. The new owners will open with full holiday merchandise and stocked with all your favorites.

Will they still do special orders?
YES! You will not see any major changes to the ordering system. They will still do "Pre-Orders" specials in spring and fall for trees and shrubs, and I will actually be going with them to the growers to show them what has always worked well for us. Start planning your wish lists now for Spring!!! I would love to "hand - tag" for you one more time.

What are the Garden Girl's going to do?
This seems to be the most common question I hear daily, and I guess it just seems natural that you would want to know why I am giving up something I love so much. I am going to continue doing what I love, gardening, visiting my children, photography, building on Red Zinnia and pursue my writing. No I am not moving back east, my health is excellent, and yes.....I will miss all of you, more than you can ever imagine.

As for Sooz, I am happy to say that she will still be playing here in the garden with the new owners. Her love of the plant world, knowledge of your needs and favorites as well as her expertise in everything roses will prove to be invaluable to them. Lucia has plans to continue sprucing and designing the gift shop, Michelle will still be teaching a class or two during the season, and Jaime....while you may see her here shopping for new perennials or herbs for her own garden, her time will now be spent pursuing her true love and incredible talent...creating more art.

Since I bought the nursery in 2000, I have been on a 15 year plan. I am just moving on a year earlier then expected. When the opportunity came up to pass this business on to not only a committed grower, (Green Team Growers actually holds the #2 growers license issued in the State of Nevada) but a local person with strong ties to the community and a passion for plants it seemed like the time to let go and leap into the next adventure. I hope I see you along the path often.
See you soon, Susan