We arrived at what we lovingly refer to as “The Baker Resort”, at the end of September. I am still amazed every time I walk up the driveway that Bob was able to get the bus in through all the trees. Lisa, Bob’s sister, and Brad, her husband, cut down A LOT of trees at the beginning of the driveway in order for us to get the bus in. It only took him one shot to get it into place. Mad skills he has!!!


Their home is located on a remote country road in an historic area of South Carolina and the acreage is filled with lush plantings and hundreds of trees. Lisa has been a Master Gardener for her county extension for years and it shows. It is a beautiful comfortable home, inside and out, that they have made for themselves.

I spend my early mornings on quiet peaceful walks through the nearby cotton fields and Bob is getting caught up with chores around the bus. With Brads massive and fully equipped workshop/man cave, he is enjoying having a place to tinker. The temps have been in the low 90’s the last couple of weeks so of course we have taken advantage of the pool most afternoons. It has been very easy to come off the road and get used to this “resort” living. We plan on spending the majority of Fall here, until the temps get to low for us to comfortably stay out in the motorhome.


”Baker Resort” kidding aside, here is the REAL reason why we are enjoying being here so much.

In the summer of 1976 we were living at the Coast Guard station on Folly Beach, SC, just outside Charleston. Bob was newly home from being stationed for an isolated year in the middle of the Pacific - Marshall Islands/ Enewetak. That summer we asked his parents if the kids - Lisa (15) and younger brother Ralph (11) could come up for a few weeks’ vacation. They sent them from Miami on the train and we had weeks of lounging on the beach, working on surfing skills, playing pool, and just generally being a family that loved to hang out with each other. The next year our lives took us West, first to Hawaii and then eventually to Nevada where we spent the last 35 years until we hit the road in 2016. There were mini-visits where we would come home to Florida or Georgia, and times when Lisa and Brad made it out west, but they were always limited to days…not weeks.

Fast forward 40 YEARS and we now have time. The time - to just relax with each other. This is the longest period of time that they have had together since that long-ago summer, and as is so often the case - if you are lucky, it is as though no time has passed. They still tease each other, they find comfort in just sitting for hours in each other’s company with no need for words, and their laughter is infectious as they remember pranks from the past.

We are off to Boston in a couple days, spend some time with my Aunt Sue, reconnect with a friend that was stationed with us in Hawaii 40 years ago, and meet up with our good friends Melissa and Tim from Susanville, CA. It will be a packed two weeks of hustle and bustle. But then we will return….to The Resort on Brattonsville road, and reconnect and relax some more.

I can’t wait.