Time for an Update

An updated vehicle that is. We finally bit the bullet and got a new car. The 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee that we have been cruising around in has been a great ride, but with more miles planned going down the highway this next year we thought it was time to go with something a little more dependable. What did we decide? Another JEEP of course. We still want to be able to hit the backroads, climb some rocks and have many adventures off the beaten path.



This will be the 3rd time he has had to install a tow plate on the front of a vehicle. Unfortunately every car we have towed, the original TJ, then the Cherokee, and now the new JK requires a different set-up.

First things first, we needed an organizer for the back. Usually we just kind of stack everything around in the cargo area, but Bob found this one so we are going to give it a try. It is a SUNPIE Roll Bar Storage Bag Cage Multi-Pockets & Organizers & Cargo Bag Saddlebag Tool Kits Holder. We will have to see if it can help keep us a little more organized, AND keep things from flying all around when we are in some rough places.

We also need to add on a trailer hitch to hold our bike rack. The rack we have now is a swing away and a good one. It holds the boys bikes when they are with us, so we would like to keep it if possible. Our Cherokee did not have the spare tire on the outside like this JK does though, so we may end up having to get the rack that fits onto the spare tire if this doesn’t work.

The next couple things are going to be a little more time consuming and difficult. Lucky for Bob though, we are parked in Lisa and Brad’s driveway so he will have much more access to tools and a comfortable area to do the work. Last time he had to add the braking system to the Cherokee he was working on a piece of carpet in the dirt outside the motorhome in Sedona.

Because we tow our car behind the motorhome we need a braking system….RIGHT??

The one he is going to install is the same brand that we have now, but you have to put a new plate, specific to that year and model vehicle to the underside. We also need the wiring kit that allows the brakes and turn signals from the motorhome to show up on the jeep while it is being towed. We have all these ordered, and I will update this blog post after Bob gets them installed.


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