Easy Fill

"Be careful what you wish for", my Mom would sometimes tell me. Well, in this case my wishing has brought on an abundance of birds in my side yard, and I love it! Finally, after years and years of making a mess filling these yellow finch socks, I have figured out an easy and efficient way to do it. When I shared my new method with a friend and realized that she had been having the same problems, I decided to pass along my find. Have another easy method? Let me know and I will post it up also. Have a great sunny Spring day! Susan
Start with an old watering plastic watering can, or pick one up at the dollar store. Cut the end off of it so that the pouring spout is larger.
Using a 20lb. bag of nyjer seed, open and carefully pour the bag into the can until it is 3/4 full. (one 20lb. bag will refill the size of yellow socks that we sell 20 times)Gather all your socks together....one watering can full will fill 6 socks all the way full.Place the end of the sock over the spout and pour!! No mess! No funnel ! No spill!Sit back and enjoy.

Gather As You Go

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Gather As You Go

Bring clippings from your own yard, or just wait and clip from the nursery. Here is a sneak peak at the practice ones made yesterday. The birds will love these little treats all through the winter season, you can just keep adding sprigs to the gourd. See you there, Susan

Happy New Year!

I am heading outside in a few moments to enjoy the warmth that the sun is filling our yard with today. The compost pile needs to be turned and the bird feeders need to be filled. This photo was taken in my side yard this last week after the nice snowfall that we had. It is too hard to keep water in the small birdbaths during the winter months, so I fill them with seed instead. Enjoy the sunshine, it looks like we have a nice large storm on the way for this coming weekend. Happy 2008!