It's tomato time! "Michelle's Garden Ripe Tomato Pie"

I spent most of the morning pruning on my roses and doing some clean-up but the thrill of the day......I pulled  the first Brandywine off the vine and brought it in for a mayo/tomato/cheese sandwich for lunch. I LOVE IT when the tomatoes start to ripen in abundance. I can eat them at EVERY meal and still want more. Hope yours are coming on nicely too, and remember to do your early morning deep watering. You don't want blossom end rot on those beauties. 

When you start harvesting daily, it will be time for Michelle's recipe, so I have included it here so you don't have to go searching for it like I did. Enjoy!!!

Michelle's Famous Garden Ripe Tomato Pie

1 BAKED 9" pie shell
4-6 large red tomatoes -  sliced  very thick
1 bunch of green onions - chopped
½ cup Parmesan cheese grated
1 crushed clove garlic
Oregano to taste
Fresh basil LOTS - I use the whole leaves - not chopped
2 tbs water
1 tbs cornstarch
1 cup mayonnaise (Do not use "lite" or Miracle Whip)
2 cup grated cheddar cheese
Make two layers of the first 6 ingredients
Mix cornstarch water/ dribble over tomatoes
Mix Mayo and cheese and spread on top edge to edge
Bake 350 for 45min - 1 hour
Oh My Gosh
It's so good, you will wish you made 2 ! ! !

Another "Natural" evening at The Flower Tree

Michelle walked us through another creative adventure last night. There are now beautiful "Natural" wreaths gracing our front doors for the upcoming holiday. With cuttings that I took from around the nursery earlier in the day, and a few things from home and the thrift store our creations took form. It was a lovely evening, filled with the scent of the holidays, and the companionship of friends.

 milk pods and dried red roses

 lambs ear, it dries beautifully
 my favorite I think, dried artichoke flowers from Michelle's garden
 even horsetail reeds were twisted into action to make natural bows
 Jaime wrapped plastic ornaments with rope, glued it on, and then twisted strands through her wreath, beautiful and natural with the burlap bows

Natures Bounty Wreaths

I feel for the pumpkins in the background......their soft orange skin now faded and starting to peel, they have been thrown to the side as the aromatic and nostalgic scent of  greens fill the air with their sweet scent. It's time for the next leap on the calender page, the holiday that fill our soul and announces itself with music, cider, cookies, cedar, and pine.

This is Michelle. She has been our Creative Designer for as many years as I can remember. Now...Semi- retired, she is.....oh so very gently prodded back to assist us with classes; and the holiday ones are the most important. Nobody does wreaths, porch arrangements and yule logs like Michelle. The simple placement of an extra piece of cinnamon, dried orange or milk pod that makes all the difference in our creations. She knows her stuff. We are very lucky to have her, and I hope I tell her that enough.

The class starts outside, as the 17 that are gathered walk the nursery in search of that perfect color/texture/scent that will fill their wreath with wonderfulness to last through the upcoming season. Lavender from out by the pond. Milkweed pods that we leave for the monarchs to feast on. Mahonia, purple leaf plum, rose hips, gnarly branches, crab apples, and lambs ear ~ clippers in hand they collect what draws their eyes. Gathering back inside..... holiday music playing softly in the background, hot cider cups filled and frosted pumpkin scones sitting ready for the hungry~they begin their creations.


THIS is what concentration looks like, these ladies are focused!


Mom's and daughters

 and friends,

please don't tell the fire marshall, glue guns are a necessary evil for this type of event. (yes, we do use surge protectors and unplug when finished)


Me, Melinda and Michelle after class. Smiles all around as we watch the beautiful wreaths make their way home. It is always so amazing to me how each and every wreath starts exactly the same as the first picture at the top of this post. A 24" evergreen wreath from Oregon, with cedar, spuce, fir and pinecones...that then takes on a beauty all it's own from the addition of natures bounty of the garden, the creative eye of the women involved, and yes....... a lot of help from Michelle. See you at the next class, Tuesday Eve, November 27th.
it was a beautiful start to the season.......

Gather as you Go ~ 2012

Couldn't have asked for a prettier fall day as we prepared for today's "Gather as you Go" workshop. This is one of my favorite classes that Michelle teaches. Gardeners arrive, and with pruners in hand they wander through the nursery and out to the back display garden and clip anything that catches their eye. Crab apple branches filled with berries, sea oats and cat tails from the pond, dried echinacea flowers, juniper branches and vibrant leaves from the Autumn Purple Ash fill their arms as they head back to the tables. Then with Michelle's guidance they arrange the abundance of colors and textures into a carved out pumpkin to make a beautiful porch arrangement, centerpiece or gift for a friend. Try this one at home, and if you don't think you have enough selections to prune from....come on down, and have your fill out in Linny's garden. We will even loan you a set of pruners if need be. Just one more small way for us all to savor this beautiful season. ~ Enjoy, Susan


Gather As You Go

Don't miss the special class today at 1pm with Michelle!
Gather As You Go

Bring clippings from your own yard, or just wait and clip from the nursery. Here is a sneak peak at the practice ones made yesterday. The birds will love these little treats all through the winter season, you can just keep adding sprigs to the gourd. See you there, Susan