The Move....continued

Day 2:Today was the start of "Paint Day". We had scheduled two whole days for the painting of the inside of the house. With a total of eight rooms and a hallway to do,(we skipped the kitchen and bath for now) we knew we were going to be pushing it trying to get it done. Bob & Ron got the sprayer set up while the girls - Michelle, Jaime and I - ran down to our local Louie's Ace Hardware to get the paint. We had decided to do a primer coat first, and then the color. One color throughout the entire house, including the ceilings. A beautiful soft warm butter cream kind of color. We started with 5 gallons, and quickly made more trips back to the store., until at last count we were on gallon #32!! The masking job that we had done on Day 1 paid off big time as we watched them start spraying. Hours and many-many trips back to the paint store we sat on the floor and enjoyed the fact that the guys had finished the entire job - IN ONE DAY!!!! Yes, it was late - very late -yes we would have some touch-up to do in the full light of the next day- but it was done. We started taking all the paper off the windows so we could let the light of the streetlights in, (we still have no lights other than the temps we set up, that is set for tomorrow) and we sat and had a glass of wine for the girls, and thanks to Kevin, a beer for the menfolk, to celebrate. We are officially a day ahead of schedule....and it feels pretty darn good!! Till tomorrow, Susan

Bob's Rules for Painting: Loud tunes on the box, preferably: ACDC!