The Move....continued again

Day 3:
4 Women
1 Trip to Fernley
3 Stops
35 Open holes in the ceiling
2 Electricians
Result: Illumination!!!

Yep, today we got lights!!! When we originally looked at the building now known as the "New & Improved Red Zinnia", there were only two lights in the entire building. One in the bathroom, and one in the downstairs basement. And the first time we went to look at the building, it was at dusk, quickly turning to darkness. We went back a couple days later and realized that, yes, this was the place for us.

Today, as the guys started stripping and cleaning the beautiful and original to the house, hardwood floors, the girls and I ventured off to select and purchase all the lights needed for the new store. First stop: Starbucks of course, then on to the new Fernley Industries Thrift Store right around the corner. If you haven't visited this one yet, put it on your list. We each picked up a few things, including a "hard to describe" crystal standing ashtray from the 50's(?) that you will just have to see to believe next time you come by Red Zinnia.

Next Stop: Lowe's Lighting Department - Watch out - Here We Come!!! Now this is where it gets really good. We had a little over an hour (the electricians arrive at 12:30!!! Bob reminds me over and over) to pick out all the lighting needed for the entire house! Remember those eight rooms I mentioned yesterday, each has it's own theme, and the lighting had to coordinate accordingly. As I have mentioned many times over, I am surrounded by the most amazing, artistic, creative, and powerful women around. Usually, at least that is what I have heard from others - men especially - you can't put four women in a room and get a consensus on anything. I am hear to tell you - NOT TRUE!! We power shopped though those aisles, all throwing out useful and encouraging comments, and the next thing you know, VIOLA' , three carts full.

We got back to Fallon with about 2 minutes to spare, unloaded the entire back of the long bed pickup, and the electricians were just pulling up. The floors - OH MY - THE FLOORS, they were beautiful. The guys had been busy the entire time we were gone, and they were cleaned and shining.

Now it is a little after 6, the electricians are still down at the shop putting up the last of the two rooms, thankfully for us, they were able to work into the evening to get it all done today. They are doing an awesome job, and here is a plug and a "thank you" for them, HOT-WIRE Electric, Erik Blakey, Owner.
Tomorrow, it is on to the clean up, finish the floors, re-install all the hardware on the doors, and Jaime and Michelle will start painting the first of the Red Zinnia Red walls in the wine room. Then we start the move. The wine tasting tonight at the current shop was packed...............barely room to move around.....we can't wait to get into our new larger space. Till Tomorrow, Susan