The Move....continued....x3

Day 4:
Today ........the true meaning of "REDZin" began to take hold. We all met at 111, and started to take a consensus of what we wanted to accomplish today. There was a lot on all of our lists, but the biggest was Jaime's.......getting the "RedZin" up on the wall in her room, the wine room. The color is a custom blended Jaime creation now known as "RedZin".

Bob and Ron each took off in opposite directions, hardware stuff to be done........our good friend Mike showed up to lend a hand and quickly took over the window scraping chore, and Michelle and I kept going in different directions while we tried to keep up with everyone else. We spent a few hours at both Flower Tree and Red Zinnia getting things packed up, and paperwork caught up. About 1pm, Kathy, my oldest & dearest friend, and Ron's wife- showed up with lunch, Homemade Chicken Pot Pie for the boys, and Vegi Pot Pie for Jaime and I.

The REDZin started on one wall........continued on to another......and made it to a third.......IT IS SPECTACULAR!! The sparkle of the lights on the wall, the warmth of the room, the juxtaposition of the red with the wood floors.............We LOVE it!!! and I think you will too!

Tonight we gathered at 318 for the last wine tasting in the building that has been good to us and started us on this a much larger location, a comfy spot on Taylor Street that we will fill with merriment and joy.

Tomorrow, we start the official MOVE!!!