Free Seed Offer is back for 2011

Do you qualify for 20 FREE PACKETS OF SEEDS?
Every year the seed companies take back hundreds of packets of seeds that we have not sold and give us credit towards our next years order. Last year we happened to ask them "Just what do you do with all these seeds that are returned ever year?" We were told that they were either;

1. Sent to developing countries

2. Repackaged and sold again the following year (something I can not imagine! them doing, opening up all those little seed packets and re-marketing them)

3. Destroy them.

So we asked very kindly if we could give them away to non-profit organizations, and they said YES!!! Just as we did last year, we thought we  put it out to more of the community that these packets are available, and since we reach over 5000 now on our email list every goes!

(approx value $60.00)
Available to any Non-profits in the Fallon/Fernley area. All you need to do is bring in some sort of ID or information on how your non-profit will use the seeds. We will let you sort through the hundreds of seed packets that are available. Please share this information with your friends that might also be able to use them. Seeds continue to keep their germination success for years, you can store these until next spring and then plant.

Think of the possibilities:
Teachers - class project

Senior Citizens - start a community garden at the Senior Center

Churches - Want to start a growing area around your Sunday School program?

The seeds will be available until they run out! And a huge Thank you goes out to our two seed suppliers that have agreed to allow us to do this:
Livingston Seeds and Botanical Interests.